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When you are faced with a family law issue, the first step is to discover and thoughtfully consider your legal process options for approaching your case.  Your next, crucial step is to choose an attorney who will support you on the path you have chosen.  Look for an attorney who supports your values; one who will help you find workable solutions, rather than one who will escalate the conflict and increase your financial and emotional costs. 

The right attorney can be essential in helping to mitigate the conflict between separating parties.

Even if you are faced with a "high conflict" divorce, you can choose an attorney who will help you set firm boundaries, realize reasonable expectations, and provide confident direction in the midst of your "storm".  Your attorney can help you develop a road map to reduce both conflict and cost, and implement the correct conflict resolution mechanism.  If you are faced with a separation and divorce, it is likely you are flooded with emotions at a time when you are required to make life-changing decisions.  You should evaluate any potential attorney for the ability to listen to what is important to you, help you build your co-parenting relationship, and encourage you to work towards a cooperative and more hopeful future.  Having an attorney who promotes workable solutions is crucial because the decisions made in or out of court today will greatly affect the rest of your life -- and more importantly, the lives of your children.           

Before you take the next step and schedule a consultation with Kristine, take a moment to review what past clients have to say about her work with and for them, by clicking the link below. 

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